8 Things Not to Put In a Washing Machine

  • 2 years ago
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8 Things Not to Put In a Washing Machine

A washing machine is one of the key household gadgets these days that you can find in almost every household in India. However, if you don’t take care of it properly, then it won’t last long, and you will need to invest in another one soon.

Out of the many maintenance tips for washing machines, one of them is not putting some things into it. We will take this post to enlist a few of the items that you must not put in the best automatic washing machine, semi automatic and other types. Read on!

  • Memory foam pillows

Unless it has been specifically labelled, memory foam pillows are not machine washable. If you wash it in a washing machine, they may turn into soggy messes.

  • Coins

Most of the people would not put coins in a wash cycle on purpose, but even doing that accidentally can lead to expensive damage to your washing machine. Hence, ensure to check out your pants for any possible coins.

  • Anything embellished

Embellished items should be washed in a washing machine as they may get stuck in the drum and damage your machine as well as clothes. You should get those items hand washed or take it to a professional dry cleaning agency.

  • Running sneakers

It’s completely fine to throw your regular sneakers in a washing machine, and it is even a good technique to keep your white shoes in immaculate condition. But you should not do that with running sneakers as most of them would come out smaller than before. Hence, it is good only to wash them if approved for the washing machine.

  • Purses

Some fashion bloggers may tell you to throw a dirty purse into a wash cycle, but such items must not find their presence even in a semi automatic washing machine . Not only the shape and size of the purse will be hampered, but it will also lead to a messy zipper and embellishment on the exterior if any.

  • Raincoats

Why can’t you wash your raincoat in a washing machine? Just give this a thought – if your raincoat is waterproof, then how will it soak up the washing machine water for a deep cleanse? Yes, exactly! Every time a raincoat gets washed, it traps the water like a balloon until it explodes. What will happen inside the washing machine will then lead to a huge mess!

  • Unzipped zippers

Your things with zippers can easily find a place into your wash as long as they are closed and not unzipped. Open zippers can get caught on other items and lead to disastrous damage to valuable clothing.

  • Pens

You should always ensure checking the pocket of your coat before putting them into a wash cycle. It is because if a pen sneaks into the clothes loan accidentally, it may explore in the wash and then there would be ink stains on everything. And you would hate it.

You are now aware of key items that you must not put into a washing machine.  

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