Aluminium Sliding Windows Can Be Used in More Ways Than ONE!

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Aluminium Sliding Windows Can Be Used in More Ways Than ONE!

Aluminium sliding windows are traditionally used in areas of the home such as bathrooms, living areas and sometimes kitchens. However, did you know these windows can also be used in other creative ways in your home for additional style?

What are sliding windows?

An aluminium sliding window is a horizontal window with a sash that slides back and forth. It is quite similar to a double-hung window turned on its side. Sliding windows offer a variety of benefits. From their easy-to-use design to their energy efficiency and ventilation, they are an amazing option and can add value to your space.

Why should you choose aluminium sliding windows for your Sydney home?

Aluminium sliding windows have a range of benefits and can be used in a variety of spaces within your home.

  • Durable and low maintenance: there are very few components that make up the windows, making them very low maintenance
  • Easy to use: one of the easiest types of windows to use, all you have to do is slide and unlock the latch to operate
  • Functional: these can be opened up as far as you like in order to let fresh air in
  • Economical: cost-effective and last much longer than other windows

Interesting ways to use aluminium sliding windows in your Sydney home

Sliding windows feature slim vertical lines for a clean, elegant look and are available in a range of sliding combinations. The ever so humble sliding window can, in fact, be used as a standout feature. Here are some different ways you can incorporate sliding windows in your home:

  • Kitchen serving window: aluminium sliding windows can be installed in the kitchen and used as a serving window from the kitchen to the living room or outdoor area. This adds a seamless flow between the two different areas, making it easier to entertain and enjoy guests. Aluminium sliding windows can be custom fit into your kitchen, making it the perfect way to pass food and drinks to guests. This particular option is also beneficial if you have an alfresco area or backyard pool, making it a great way to stop guests running in and out of the house for snacks! Instead, they can use the kitchen serving window for their mid-day snack. Keeping the inside area of your home clean while allowing easy access to serve your guests and family.
  • Ensuite connecting window: another great way of utilising aluminium windows is by installing them in your ensuite bathroom to use as a connection to the bedroom. This offers you the comfort of viewing your bedroom television form the bath to catch up on your latest shows in absolute comfort. Installing an aluminium sliding window in this area can also open up your bathroom and bedroom space while increasing the amount of natural light.
  • Stylish doggy door: this may sound a little absurd, however, using an aluminium sliding window for your doggy door offers a stylish entrance to the home. Your dog should have the luxury of entering in and out of the home in style. Aluminium sliding windows can also be locked up at night and keeps out nasty pests!

We understand these options may not be for everyone, however, if you want to add a bit of flair to your home design, you may want to incorporate some of these ideas!

If you are having trouble deciding on what type of window you should use in your house, you may want to seek aluminium window and doors companies who can help you narrow down to a couple of options. A-Tech Australia has fast become specialists in the supply, manufacturing and installation of aluminium for Sydney’s urban landscape, whether commercial or residential.

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