4 Lucky Home Ornaments for 2020

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4 Lucky Home Ornaments for 2020

In the Philippines, home decors are inspired by many cultures and beliefs. From Indian symbolism such as ceramic elephant to Feng shui ornaments like mirrors and lucky plants, here are some of the lucky home ornaments you must incorporate in your house decorations to obtain an abundance of blessings for the year 2020.

Red Lanterns

During the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival, red lanterns would adorn the trees, streets, office buildings, establishments, and houses. The red lantern would drive off bad luck. The color red is associated with joy, good fortune, energy, and vitality. It represents marriage, as well as birth ceremonies. Typically, red lanterns are made of metal wire or bamboo strips. For the walls of the lantern, paper or other fabric like silk and thin gauze is used. The red lantern is then painted with Chinese symbolism or portraits of families, women, and the temple.

Ceramic Elephants

Elephants symbolize protection, good luck, wisdom, as well as fertility for both men and women. These are the main energies brought by the symbol into any space, office or home. The best form or elephant for any type of home is the one with its trunk up. The action of the elephant depicts the showering of good luck. Whether for school during an exam or for work. When the trunk of the elephant is pointing downwards, it symbolizes a fertility cure. When the trunk of the elephant is down, it means it is storing and accumulating energy. It is prepared to push through obstacles along the way similar to couples fighting infertility obstacles.

Other elephant symbolisms include a young elephant and a mother which depicts the bond between the mother and the child. It is considered a nurturing symbol to place in a home especially the room of the child or the family area. When two elephants face each other with their trunks are up and touching each other, it symbolizes love and marriage. It depicts a strong bond which is represented by the strong trunk of elephants.


Mirrors invite energy into any space. When it is strategically placed, it reflects the view of a particular element. More and more people believe in placing fruits, rice, and money in front of mirrors because the reflection symbolizes the elements being doubled. With that, an abundance of fruit, money, and a source of food. In addition to that, placing a mirror facing a river and trees which means water and wood element that brings wealth and expansion of career. In a lesser symbolic depiction, mirrors just generally bring more light into a space to make it look larger than it is.

  • Flat mirrors

Flat mirrors are the regular mirrors. It can be with or without any framing. The best shapes to incorporate in your home or office include oval, rectangle, or square. A polished edge octagon-shaped mirror presents the luckiest of all shapes and forms. It symbolizes the Bagua mirror, a lucky Chinese ornament hung in entrances.

  • Convex mirrors

Convex mirrors are like the outside of a steel bowl. They are used to have a wider view of a space. They are commonly seen in parking lots and convenience stores to have a larger view of the area which serves as a form of a watchful eye.

  • Concave mirrors

The opposite of convex mirrors are the concave mirrors. They are shaped like the inside of a steel bowl. They deflect sharp energy due to the reduced image of the view and they also reflect an upside-down image. While they are used to flip the bad aura of any space, they also flip the positive vibe. With that, it is necessary to carefully place any convex mirror by taking into consideration of a space’s environment.

  • Bagua mirrors

Bagua mirrors have an octagon-shaped border with trigrams that radiate and frame a round mirror. A Bagua is used for exterior feng shui protection. An incorrect placement of a Bagua can push away the positive energy you wish to invite into your home, office, or any space.

Lucky Plants

Despite the issues of size and maintenance, plants remain great decoration concepts that also serve as a source of indoor air circulation. From popular bamboos to palms and snake plants. Here are some of the plants that present ecological balance in the home while also bringing a dose of fortune.

  • Palms

Commonly found in malls or office lobbies, palms provide a breezy and tropical feel to any space. They mostly serve the purpose of dividing a space. Apart from inviting good energy, they are also effective in removing harmful dust particles from the air.

  • Lucky Bamboo

In Asian countries, bamboos as regarded to bring good fortune to any home or space. They are either used to conceal a house or as desk ornaments. The lucky bamboo brings a harmony of elements including the Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, and Metal. Arrangements of the bamboo also determine the peace, fortune, health, as well as love. They are low maintenance plants, especially if submerged in a water-filled pot and at the same time receiving the right amount of sunlight.

  • Snake Plant

Snake plants are known for their ability to absorb poisonous gases from the air which eliminates toxin. They exude a protective energy that shields the owner and the entire space from negativity.

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of lucky home ornaments to choose from. With that, the challenge remains the placement of each piece of ornament. The purpose of each ornament will determine its right location as well as the suitable space it should be. Home decors in the Philippines consist of numerous inspirations coming from the Eastern and Western cultures.

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