5 Reasons Why Garden Cabins Are Growing In Popularity

  • 11 months ago
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5 Reasons Why Garden Cabins Are Growing In Popularity

As gardens continue to be sought after, their utility is being reconsidered. A significant part of this is because of the space they offer. However, this is not necessarily because of their potential outdoor space, but their indoor space too.

While gardens are suitable for flowers, grass, and summer-appropriate deck collections, they are beginning to see greater popularity for the sheds they host. These outdoor buildings have traditionally been used for storage, meeting the needs of homeowners who seek to store essential tools and gardening equipment away from the home. It isn’t the shed itself that is being used, not for storage at least. Instead, it is the building itself, one that is outdoors and away from the main residence, that is leading the way in new garden design.

Garden and log cabins are now appearing at the bottom of residential gardens and for various great reasons. If you’re wondering what could possibly replace the tried and tested usefulness of a garden shed or you’re considering your own cabin, here are the five main reasons for their popularity.


Gym memberships are a regular and typically expensive cost. While there is certainly a great benefit in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to realise that the price of membership isn’t essential. Having a garden cabin allows you to establish your own workout space, one that is built entirely to your own regime.

While the initial cost of equipment may be quite high, it is much less than ongoing payments toward an established gym. Plus, it allows you to practice your workout in private, with unrestricted accessibility.

Office Space

Whether working as a remote employee or hoping to establish your own business, a private office space is a fundamental asset to an efficient professional life. This is actually one of the more established uses for garden cabins as they are typically the perfect size to accommodate a working space. Additionally, they help to keep a person’s professional away from personal living spaces, a balance that is much more difficult to manage when working inside the home.


As Airbnb becomes a mainstay consideration of travel, many residents are looking to capitalise on the potential income earned from a spare room. Using an outdoor cabin as a rental space is, in many scenarios, much more suitable for guests and hosts as they allow a stay to occur without having to compromise private living space.

Streaming Space

Having a personal cabin space can be advantageous for any hobby or creative pursuits, such as yoga or painting, however, they are especially appropriate as streaming spaces.

Many people are beginning to see the potential fun that can be had, as well as the income, from streaming on well-established platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Getting started and growing an audience is relatively easy but, without a personal and professional aesthetic, people find themselves plateauing early on. By creating a stylish and iconic space, one that allows for undisturbed and quiet broadcasts, a streamer is likely to find themselves having more fun and growing their audience naturally.

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