5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Asphalt Pavement

  • 2 years ago
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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Asphalt Pavement

The residential driveway plays a vital role in increasing the resale value of your house. A well-maintained driveway can leave a good impression on your potential buyers and significantly increase the value of your property.

The asphalt driveway is not just visually appealing but it is highly functional. But, to preserve the good looks of your driveway, you should do regular maintenance.

If you fail to take care of your driveway, then cracks and potholes will start appearing on it and also affect the curb appeal of your house.

Usually, the life of asphalt pavement is more than 25 to 30 years, but if you stop doing its maintenance, then it will decrease to 15 years only. If you take care of your driveway properly, then you can also eliminate expenses in its repair and repaving.

Here, we are going to discuss a few tips to keep your asphalt driveway good looking always:

  1. Apply Sealcoat Layer On Your Driveway

The seal coating layer act as a protective layer over the driveway. This layer protects the driveway from harsh chemical, adverse weather, wear and tear due to heavy traffic.

With this special protective layer, the life of the asphalt driveway will extend for many years. It is mandatory to seal coat the driveway immediately after completing the paving process.

After some time, another layer of seal coat should be applied over the driveway as a part of the maintenance process. According to some driveway experts, the seal coat layer should be applied every three to four years.

The seal coat layer will prevent the driveway from breaking and crumbling. When did you last hired a contractor to apply a seal coat to your driveway?

If it is more than five years, then contact the best asphalt pavement contractor in your area and apply a seal coat on your driveway again.

  1. Do Immediate Repairs

If you observe any signs of cracks or indentation on your driveway, then you should fix them immediately before they become a big problem. Immediately fixing these problems will not just prevent you from handling big issues but also keep the repair cost down.

The driveways that are located in the cold climate regions suffer more damage as compare to those which are located in hotter regions. During the winter season when water seeps inside the cracks and transforms into ice when the temperature falls.

The transformation of water into ice will exert the pressure on your driveway and leads to expanded cracks and holes. If you seal the cracks immediately, then water will not enter inside them and no further problem will take place.

The immediate small repairs will increase the lifespan of your driveway and also prevent you from the hassle of repairing the big cracks and potholes.

  1. Clean Your Driveway Regularly

There are some chemicals or contaminants that can destroy the asphalt layer. Therefore, it is important to protect your driveway from chemicals such as oil spills from vehicles. The best way to prevent the driveway from harsh chemicals is to regularly clean your surface.

You should immediately clean the chemical spills over your driveway. The regular driveway cleaning will also help to remove the accumulation of dirt over your driveway.

This will further stop the growth of weeds and unwanted plants. Take one bristled broom and pressure water supply and use them to clean your driveway at least once a week.

  1. Do Not Let Water Accumulated Over Driveway

You should keep your driveway in dry condition. The accumulated water will gradually lead to a big pothole and deteriorate your driveway. Therefore, it is better to take care of the proper drainage system around your driveway.

You should dry out your driveway after rainfall and storm. If your drainage system is plugged, then clean it and maintain the proper water flow through it.

  1. Call A Contractor For Maintenance

If you can not take care of your driveway due to a busy schedule, then you should consider hiring a specialized contractor who is ready to help you in your driveway maintenance process. He will create an asphalting plan, protect your driveway from deterioration and increase its life for many years.

By hiring a contractor, you can save your precious time and also get the well-maintained driveway. The good driveway will increase the market value of your property. So, keep your driveway good looking always.

Final Words

It is a good idea to invest your money in maintaining your driveway in good condition. Otherwise, you have to spend more when the condition of your driveway will go worse.

It is better to take care of it rather than repave it after some time. If you want to prevent yourself from expensive repairs later, then you should do regular maintenance by yourself or by hiring a good contractor.

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