Tips for making the lawn grass green in warm weather

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Tips for making the lawn grass green in warm weather

The summer season is considered the perfect occasion when we want our lawns to appear the best. However, it is also the time they suffer the most stress. Warm temperature and drought terrorize to fry our cautiously cultivated, fertile, green lawns. Heavy traffic from children and pets can bring extra wear and tear than we would like. Summer can even bring insect and disease problems to occur. Together, all these factors can make our lush, green lawns seem dry and brown. In this write-up, we will chat abouthow to keep your grass green in the summer.

How to keep grass green in hot weather?

As hot and dry weather can be predictable, a brown yard does not have to be. Several household owners hold the brown and let their grass go inactive during the warm weather. In comparison, this is a secure option for the yard’s health, most favour keeping their lawn green in the summer. The method of keeping the grass green in warm weather is not complex. With some deliberate mowing and watering practices and the ideal products and tools, you can sustain your green grass from spring to fall.

Below are some best “how to make grass green in summer” tips that you should follow:


  • You should know what the right time to water the lawn is. It is when grass becomes a greyish-blue colour. Or if you step on it, it remains matted down rather than springing back up; you must water.
  • Weekly, provide the lawn one or 1 ½ inches of water as early during the day as possible. Watering in the first light provides the soil ample time to soak the fluid before the heat of the day disperses it. Besides, if you were to water in the evening, it can really make any fungal diseases worse. Ask a professional how much to water new seeds.


  • Mow in either the early evening or early morning to prevent the peak daytime warmth.
  • Put your lawn mower at 3 inches or even the highest setting. While blades are taller, grass holds the heat much superior.
  • Every time you mow, cut only one-third of the total lawn’s height.

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