4 Reasons Of Investing In Grease Trap Maintenance For Your New Commercial Kitchen

  • 2 years ago
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4 Reasons Of Investing In Grease Trap Maintenance For Your New Commercial Kitchen

When you are designing your newly bought restaurant space, it is natural that you will take into consideration the décor, the sitting space, and services and the kitchen. However, a very important aspect which many a time goes unchecked is the kitchen waste disposal. And needless to say, it is essential in any commercial kitchen.

Grease traps are the perfect solution for waste disposal in any commercial kitchen. However, the mere installation of a grease trap is not all. You also have to get it cleaned and maintained for extended use. There are many grease trap cleaning agencies in Kildare, Ireland that provide these services at affordable rates along with sustainable waste disposal.

Here are 4 reasons why opting for a grease trap service is a must:

  1. Cost and labor effective solution

It is necessary to know when the drainage outlets of your commercial kitchen are facing blockage, what is the cause, how to remove it and ensure safe cleaning. In this case, it is not suggested to carry out DIY means of taking care of all this. This not only adds a lot of labor and cost be can also be hazardous. This is why opting for a grease trap cleaning for your Kildare kitchen is a much better option both in terms of cost and labor. Their professional staff will be able to sort out the problem without any hassle and in a short time.

  1. A blessing for renovated commercial kitchen

If the restaurant you bought from the previous owner in Kildare has an already-prepared kitchen space, there is a high chance that it will have the wastage outlets clogged due to a long period of unused time. This can be a real headache. In this case, a grease trap cleaning agency comes as a relief. They will take care of the clogging without adding much to your renovation costs. To maintain your kitchen, it is suggested to have your grease trap cleaned every 3 months for longer usage.

grease trap cleaning

  1. Huge work, less effort

As it is your new business, it is always good to take all the necessary steps to prevent any kind of inconvenience from the very first day. And one of the main concerns is naturally waste disposal. So, instead of just cleaning the clogged drainage outlets, go for a grease trap installation as well. While doing so it is suggested to have a 1500 liter capacity. Many grease trap cleaning agencies in Kildare, offer grease traps besides their cleaning and maintenance. Opting for such an agency saves you a lot of heavy work with much less effort. Their professional is able to carry out all the needful in less time. A great thing about them is that they provide sustainable waste disposal methods.

  1. Good for business

Opting for a grease trap cleaning agency helps your business too. This is because cleaning of clogged drains and installation of grease traps takes time. This will need you to bring down the restaurant shutters as cooking will not be possible. However, these agencies complete all the work in a day or two, thus avoiding any hamper to your business revenue. Quick services naturally bring in quick restaurant reopening. You also won’t have to make your customers wait for long before you give them their favorite dishes from your restaurant menu. And this is certainly a plus for the business.

In Ireland, if you are looking for agencies of grease trap cleaning, Dublin and Kildare have many of them that provide effective cleaning and maintenance of grease traps along with their installation. The 4 above-mentioned points serve to prove why grease traps are the perfect solution for the waste disposal of our new commercial kitchen.

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